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Refmix questions

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  • Refmix questions

    Hi, I purchased the Casa 90, my stand is done, will be putting the FB board down shortly. Done a lot of reading / searching on the forum, read through the instructions, I still have a few Refmix questions / clarifications:

    1. I read one post on using refmix on top of FB board. It seems that I should do the following:
    - Definitely use the refmix on top of the FB board
    - Wet the FB board before I put down the refmix (even though it will be absorbed)
    - Follow the directions in the spec sheet for mixing (I think it say 2.5 liters per bag)
    Is this correct? Do I need to add sugar or anything to slow down the setting (per one post)?

    2. I have 4 bags of the refmix and am wondering about the coverage / bag. If I am only going to lay the floor pieces ... how much should I mix for this first iteration?

    3. When I set the dome in place, do I need to put refmix on the FB board to set the dome on?

    4. It looks like in all cases (floor, dome, vent, chimney base), no refmix should go in between any component, but all joints (including the dome base and FB board), should get a band of refmix. Any issues here?

    Thanks for the help
    Raleigh, NC