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Forno Bravo CD ROM v1.0 Disappointing

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  • Forno Bravo CD ROM v1.0 Disappointing

    As we have finally had a few warmish (above 0 C or 32 F) and it has stopped snowing long enough that the sun has been able to poke its head out on occasion, I have been impatiently waiting for the arrival of the Forno Bravo CD ROM as a sign that spring and building season is just around the corner. Today, my little piece of spring arrived...and than it promptly started to snow. I have to give kudos for the quick arrival but am sitting here wondering why I paid for the CD. The CD offers a variety of installation guides for several of the modular ovens and the same PDF that can be downloaded for free or for a small donation to Habitat for Humanity. I had hoped that the Pompeii plans would contain additional information or tips about building an oven, a few extra pictures maybe from different angles, clearly laid out material or check lists, a sample building schedule etc...but alas, it is not to be. This is not to say that the information contained is not good especially if you are building a casa, ristorante or any of the other prefab units but as I really wanted more information on the pompeii, it is sadly disappointing.

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    Re: Forno Bravo CD ROM v1.0 Disappointing

    Hi rroughtrade,

    We will be happy to refund your payment. The CD ROM is meant to be convenient way of getting all things FB, without doing the downloads -- and there is no premium content on it. Everything we create is always available on FB.com.

    Drop me an email and we will refund your $25.
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      Re: Forno Bravo CD ROM v1.0 Disappointing


      I think it would be worth 25 dollars.
      I was surprised the information was provided here for free. (When I began my oven quest.)

      I would have gladly paid 25 dollars for it, before I started an oven. But James was/nice enough to provide the information for free if downloaded. (even though he sells completed ovens and people who build their own ovens compete against him.. in a sense)

      Heck, the support that I received from forum members was worth WAY more than that!

      And James makes this all work, his vision, and his Moola.

      Just my opinion.
      (most owners/moderators would probably have given your money back.. but not very many would have left this message on the boards for others to read)
      Hats off to James.

      Still my favorite web site!


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        Re: Forno Bravo CD ROM v1.0 Disappointing


        I appreciate the offer to refund the $25 dollars but it is certainly not necessary nor did I expect the very fair offer. The purpose of my email is not to slam you nor your business but rather to point out to others that a) if they are looking for additional information on the pompeii oven, it is not included on the CD. b) to stimulate a discussion as to what could be included in an update ie V 1.1 etc,... in that I don't think that my criticism is out of place nor unfair. Please note that I haven't spouted off nor slandered the product, James, the company nor the product, rather, I think that the comments should be taken for what they are, comments regarding a customer expectation that wasn't met for some reason. Your response to me to refund my money shows in my books, your professionalism and integrity. I am not interested in a refund, if you feel the need to make a refund, please, make a $25 donation to Habitat for Humanity or some other worthwhile charity. Asudavew, from a business perspective, I, for one, am willing to fork out a few extra bucks for an enhanced version of what is available as free download or to have the various scattered nuggets of extra information, tips, pictures etc that are on various threads through out this forum, compiled into an easier, accessible format. As I haven't been in the forum since day 1, it can be quite time consuming to track back through several years of threads.