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How much smoke?

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  • How much smoke?

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of building my oven, and whilst I briefly thought about it before I started, I am really concerned about the amount of smoke my oven will produce. This is a worry because the prodominate wind will take any smoke directly to my neighbours house.

    So, I appricaiate that the fuel type and fire building skills will vary the amount of smoke, also, the initial firing will create smoke, and as the temp increases, it should become a leaner cleaner fire.

    I would really like real life accounts of smoke production, in terms of oven design, chimney design, fuel used and any further measures that may have helped, i.e. bellows, extra ventalation etc...

    thanks in advance

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    Re: How much smoke?

    If you concerned about smoke you could try BBQ fuel, there is a product here called Heat Beads, Im sure you can get the equivalent in your area.
    They put out a a lot of heat with hardly any smoke.

    Heat Beads? - BBQ Recipes | Charcoal Grill and Weber BBQ Ideas
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      Re: How much smoke?

      In the UK there are smokeless fuels specifically made for smoke free zones like london:

      Solid Fuel Association

      No personal experience with this though.

      Once the oven is up to temperature, a log bursts into instant flame with next to no smoke. You might try using the smokeless fuel to get up to temperature, then switch to seasoned hardwood for cooking.
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        Re: How much smoke?

        I've found that it is the flame on the dome that provides the heat and glowing coals do little to raise the temp. A new oven that still has moisture in it seems to smoke more as does damp wood and overloading the chamber with fuel also makes more smoke. Suggest you invite your neighbour over for pizza then they'll never complain.
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          Re: How much smoke?

          My experience is that, using dry wood and allowing ample air for combustion, the oven will release smoke during the first 20-30 minutes until the oven chambre is heating up. You may want to communicate to your neighbour the "start-up" phase.



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            Re: How much smoke?

            I don't think you should use charcoal products in you oven (I've read that somewhere) - if you burn well seasoned hardwood such as oak or beech you'll only produce light wood smoke for a short period of time. This is very pleasant (in my opinion) and I don't think your neighbors will mind unless they're drying washing.... if you can, try and get hold of cherry wood which smells wonderfully perfumed
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              Re: How much smoke?

              Many thanks for the replies. I have my mind set on an oven, in fact, I have started the base.

              I will see how it goes, I know a well asparated hot fire will produce less smoke, so I may have to sacrifice rapid heat build up by adding air via vents, not ideal, but I really don't want to upset anyone, or get an ultimatum not to use my ostly new oven!

              I will also think about making the chimney a high as realistically possible to help draft and getting the smoke up as high as possible!

              thanks again all.


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                Re: How much smoke?

                Don't over think this smoke issue. Smoke rises. And very quickly an air current sets up that tumbles the gasses around 'til every bit of carbon is burned away. I always know when my neighbor is grilling but he can't tell when I start my oven...'til he sees all the people start showin' up. Have Fun.