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alternative insullation

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  • alternative insullation

    I am currently in Costa Rica, I want to insulate my pompey oven but can not find vermiculite, permalite or believe it or not volcanic pumice (even though we have many volcanos. what can I use which is easy to find

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    Re: alternative insullation

    I found Perlite and Vermiculite at a local agro store in Pavas, VJ Centroamerica. Phone number is 2220-2011. They are next to the Pizza Hut in Pavas, opposite the boulevard from Antojitos. About 50 meters south of the Pizza Hut.

    Good luck!
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      Re: alternative insullation

      I am in the Philippines and had the same problem. Looked around a long time but finally found it at an agri store. Farmers use it to acidify the soil and stockyards use it to sanitize the pens. Learned a lot about lime or limestone in my quest. It is one of the ancient materials and responsible for many early stone structures. good luck in your quest. Most cultures use it , you just have to find where.
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