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  • Hello From NZ

    Hello, Just looking for some words of wisdom from the more practiced in pizza oven building.

    I want to build a 36" High Vault Oven in the garden. unfortunately fire bricks are ridiculously expensive here where castables are mostly reasonable.

    I plan to using Castable for the Themal mass is 50mm (2") enough???
    I only want to do a few pizzas a loaf of bread or two or a roast or so.
    I don't plan on being the local baker!

    for the insulation Layers I want to use a Perlite and portland cement mix.
    I plan on 100mm (4") for the base and then 200mm (8") for the walls is this too much or about right???

    I have seen mention not to use a concrete mixer for vimiculite cement mix but with no reason i assume this is so the vimiculite doesn't break up ??

    I am looking at a 100mm concrete foundation slab with 12mm(1/2") rebarb and reinforcing mesh for reinforcing. I assume this would be adequate?

    And if any Other Kiwis around here feel free to say hi and share notes.

    Thanks for any answers they will be much appreciated.

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