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Standard building instructions

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  • Standard building instructions

    I am going to build an oven this spring and want to know if there is a standard set of plans for building an oven. Something with diagrams that show how many bricks and how to cut the angles for the door and the arching roof. I have noticed that there are many different sizes and techniques on this forum but I would prefer to follow some written guidelines. I can use a saw and do the masonry work but just feel better with some direction.

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    Re: Standard building instructions

    Do you have the Pompeii plans/manual from fornobravo's site? they are a great resouce and are free. That, along with this forum and you should be golden.


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      Re: Standard building instructions

      to get the plans aswell as some cooking pdf's you must go into to shop and register then get plans like a purchase but they are free of charge


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        Re: Standard building instructions

        The downloaded pompeii plans will give you a ton of specific info, but the project is going to require a fair amount of just going with what seems right, too. Most of those of us who have built pompeii's had no previous masonry experience and we did fine. If you've read through the instructions and understand the why's of everything, you're well equipped to proceed.

        There is not anything specific in the instructions with regard to how to cut the angles, etc., because every single build is different, and especially so when it comes to the arch and vent detail. Don't let this freak you out...I think most of us would say that we started with a fair number of unknowns and that most of these resolved by themselves as our builds progressed. And there's always this forum which, IME, has never failed to be an excellent resource for getting questions answered. The peer review process of the ideas and techniques posted here is very sound. Just choose whatever method or technique you like best. And don't forget to consult the photos section, too.

        You seem like a perfectionist-style builder...my favorite perfection build thread is mfiore's "Michigan WFO" thread here:

        If (when?) I do another build, I would use poster Lars' method of putting a ~12 degree angle on one side of each brick and laying them in alternating spirals...there is a thread about it someplace that included drawings that I can't find right now, but if you dig through his posts you'll find it.


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          Re: Standard building instructions

          I think this is the thread splatgirl means:


          This was the sketch I made of the idea:

          Easy on the flat floor, more complicated as you go upward.
          My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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            Re: Standard building instructions

            I agree with what has been said about the plans that are available. Its not step by step but they give you a pretty good idea of how to complete the project. I have never build anything complicated like this before but with a lot of patience and a lot of research on this site I was able to build a decent oven. Its not perfect and there are a few things I would do differently the next time I do this (yes there will be a next time), but I fire up every weekend and have a blast.

            It took me 6 months of weekends to put it together, but it was well worth it.


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              Re: Standard building instructions

              Originally posted by splatgirl View Post
              You seem like a perfectionist-style builder...
              Thanks Splatgirl and dmun for the thread, you read my mind. It is exactly what I was looking for and I hope I can do half the job he did.

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