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Heat put off by indoor stove

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  • Heat put off by indoor stove


    I am building an addition to my home which will include a substantial sized "Man Cave". I've been considering putting a pizza oven near the wet bar.

    I live in Southwest Florida and one thing I an concerned with is heat output in the immediate vicinity of the stove; I notice that all the ovens I've seen do not have a door. I am concerned about the heat that will be put out when I use the oven - Florida is HOT most of the time and the typical AC lifespan is 50% of what it would be in other states. Adding a heat source to compete with the AC may not be my smartest idea...

    Can anyone tell me what sort of heat escapes into the immediate vicinity of a pizza oven? I've searched all over but can't find info about the heat OUTSIDE of the oven...

    I've noticed that many folks put them outside. I don't want it outside. Between the bugs, heat and rain outside would be mostly useless. If the heat from a traditional pizza oven is too high for inside then I will have to consider something else, like a bakers pride or something - which causes all sorts of other problems (zoning would consider it a 2nd kitchen and therefore a multi-family home)

    I am hopeful for an answer which will support my endeavor, but if that is not the case, then I would prefer to know now before I spend a gob of money for an oven I can only use during the few cold weeks in the year.


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    Re: Heat put off by indoor stove

    Hot air INTO the room should not be a big deal but heat radiation is not trivial AND all the air that feeds the fire air conditioned and flushed up the chimney unless you create an outside air flue to feed the fire. WRT doors, you don't want a door when doing pizza - period. Doors are used for baking and will be appropriate for stopping heat flow into the room after pizza. It would be good to put the oven outside even if the door is inside so that the heat that eventually makes it through the walls goes outside and not into the house.

    WRT heat load, I would suggest going to a pizzaria with a WFO and ask them to let you get near the oven so you can feel the heat load. While it will probably be a bit higher than for a home oven it will give you an idea of what you are facing.

    Good Luck! And if you build it, please let us know how much your electric bill increases!