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DIY oven build short video

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  • DIY oven build short video

    short "how to " video on you tube.
    music by Joe Dolce

    wood pizza oven diy .wmv - YouTube

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    Re: DIY oven build short video

    Nice video Warren, but it appears that your design lacks any insulation under the floor. If this is so you will have difficulty getting and keeping high temps in the floor.
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      Re: DIY oven build short video


      Your oven look amazing, you should be proud. I do agree with David though in regards to the insulation under the floor. If you haven?t insulated the floor you could always lift the floor up, (that?s if the solider course isn?t sitting on top of the oven floor which it doesn?t seem to be) and put some insulation board under the floor. It will raise the hight of the floor and you will still have the solider?s directly on concrete but it will be better then nothing. It will also put out the dome hight to opening height ratio which is usually about 63%.

      Lot of work but look how much work you have put into it already. One more thing, I don?t know if that kind of heat will degrade the structural slab underneath over time. I will leave that to someone who knows about concrete to answer that.