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building Forno Bravo Calore 2G series fireplace

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  • building Forno Bravo Calore 2G series fireplace

    Hi, I've been scouring this forum for others that have built this outdoor fireplace.
    and I'm starting to feel like I am the first.
    I received one today and have a few question. The refractured concrete pieces seem to be coated in a slimy substance, and it seemed like something that might cause bonding problems. I'm thinking that it is some kind of form release goop.
    I took a little soapy water and started scrubbing a few pieces. I realize it was still leaving a greasy coating but taking away some of the goopynes. the web site and or installation instructions do not say anything about this. I am all ready to install this. but I'm a bit freaked out about this. I would hate to spend the mega hours to install this to find out later that nothing was bonded by the mortar. If you have any info about this, help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you