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  • Status Mine....Serf?

    Maybe this has been covered before. However I have completed quite a complex build an Igloo. With a sculptured finish on the entrance. Not my best work. But the Dry Stone Look of my Fireplace Chimney is fantastic, and I think my best work, even if I do say so myself. And took considerably longer to build. So the Question. How come I am still a Serf.

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    Here are the Membership levels that are based on the number of posts. Two more posts and you can be promoted to a "Peasant". Seriously, like many other forums, the rankings are based on participation, not neccessarily the actual skill level. Some of us asked a lot of questions during our builds. Some of us just hung around a while after the builds. Some of us just get a kick out of helping others with their questions about their builds. Great! job on the oven and fireplace.

    EDIT: We had a discussion recently about cantlevering. This one would have been a great example for that.
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