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  • Fly control

    I was in somebodies place last year (a covered area, but outside) and they had a zip-loc bag (clear plastic bag basically) with water in it hanging from the rafters.....said it kept down the flies...something to do with their compound eyes??.

    ...anyone heard of that one?
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    Re: Fly control

    We use traps at the barn that look sort of like a ziplock bag. It's not compound eyes that does it, though. It's the bait, which if you get close to them, smells like rotten meat. Works great on the flies, gross things that they are. I wouldn't use them around food, though. They really smell pretty bad.



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      Re: Fly control

      Here are a few links with some explainations for the bag of water. It looks like a lot of people are convinced it works but no one is really sure why. If only we could get rid of wasps so easy.

      The Straight Dope: What's the purpose of bags of water hanging in restaurants?

      Odd method persuades flies to fly away / Hanging water bag looks strange, but for some reason it repels pests

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        Re: Fly control

        My mother-in-law is convinced that putting 5 Rappen coins (worth about 5 cents) on the table will keep wasps away. The coins are small and kind of coppery, and apparently the colour, size and shape of these particular coins confuses the wasps...

        Can't say I've noticed it working myself, but we do have hours of fun discussing it all, while watching the wasps steal our food.
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          Re: Fly control

          RED PEPPER FLAKES (or cayenne pepper) scatter it on your deck sprinkle some every once in awhile your fire (while not cooking). it works. even works on fish docks.
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