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New BBQ stand and counter top

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  • New BBQ stand and counter top

    Well 8 months after finishing the oven, I've finally made a start on the countertop and BBQ !

    The plan was to go gas BBQ, with it resting in the countertop in a well. However, after multiple changes in design (as expected) we've gone down the charcoal route and got a kettle that will stand on the counter.

    This means we don't have it permanently in the way if we just want the counter for pizza etc.

    The base is split into a store cupboard that will have a door, and another open wood store - can't have too much wood..!! The base is built of lightweight block and is rendered, and will be painted to match the rest of the base.

    The top is concrete pavers, and they are HEAVY !! 75kg each, and no room to move them ! At least I know we won't be breaking one by accident !

    After being told by the local DIY store that slate can't be used outside I am going for a porcelain tile from my local tile supplier.

    I will post more as we progress..!! Photo isn't great, but it was getting dark !



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    Re: New BBQ stand and counter top

    I started outdoor my kitchen a few months after I finished my WFO. Hopefully, I'll be finished this weekend. As far as slate not being used outside...I placed slate tiles on my hearth surface and they work great. I don't know why you couldn't use them outside. The slate tile I got had a tendency to flake in large chunks so I sealed them with three coats of clear concrete sealer and it not only looks good, but have held up great as well. I am planning on using the same slate for my outdoor kitchen counter as well. I'll post pics when I'm finished.
    My WFO project: http://picasaweb.google.com/stevprin/WFOSmallPhotos#