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Travertine Patio & Tile Veneer

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  • Travertine Patio & Tile Veneer

    I looked at concrete pavers and stamped concrete but nothing really compares to the look of natural stone. So we are looking at using the 1.25" thick Travertine pavers typically used for pool decks and getting matching travertine tile to veneer the seating walls, counters, and oven.

    Does anyone have experience with travertine pavers? I live in the northeast and have to deal with freeze-thaw seasons. I get different stories on unfilled vs filled for the natural capillaries from the dealers for te freezing winter situations. I spoke to a tech at Dupont regarding sealers and his recommendation was filled to avoid water expansion in the capillaries. I tend to agree and also prefer the look of tumbled and filled. Base will be crushed stone with a sand layer to move the water away.

    For the wall tile, the plan is to mortar the tiles butt together with no gap to avoid grouting. If we go with tile countertop rather than a slab should we grout the top?