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Grill and Smoker Combination from Instructables

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  • Grill and Smoker Combination from Instructables

    I found this on Instructables:


    You can try to click through everything, but I figured everybody would want to see the finished product first.

    It looks to me like it can grill and smoke, although I would not try it at the same time. When the lid is closed, it would divert to the smoker. I saw this and was pondering doing something similar.

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    So did you decide to build it? I found the exact same build a few months back not knowing you had posted it here and I really like the concept. I thought it would make an awesome addition to a backyard kitchen.


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      Nope, my wife used four magic words that put everything I was doing in a time capsule: "I want a permit." I started that in November and get it through last week--March 23rd, for the historical record.

      I had gotten a book on smoking meats: Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design by Adam Stanley and Robert Marianski. It was surprisingly comprehensive, and in there were some things that made me think this isn't the kind of thing I wanted. Specifically, I want an absolutely lazy smoker, but having the thin lid for the grill combo would reduce heat efficiency and I would have to tend to it. Grilling while using it would also be very tricky and probably impossible.

      The thing I intend to build some day is a larger outdoor kitchen island where the grill is separate from the smoker. That being said, this offset design is generally excellent. For warm smoking as we want to do for barbecue, having the box just offset from a vertical chamber is very good. Doing it with a good eye for kind of bricks and insulation means being able to potentially fire and forget. However, there should also be air controls. for the firebox. Say, something on the side here would suffice.


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        I looked up some old notes on it. I indeed wanted the extra counter space, and would have preferred to have a grill positioned where I could easily get to the left and right side of it. You could argue I could use the grill lid as counter space when I am running the firebox, but I am sure it gets really hot. Wood burns hotter than charcoal, which is why you want to do an offset when smoking with it.

        I was ending up with some kind of scheme where the firebox had double doors. The first was large and was for tending the fire and adding wood. The second was much shorter, and was meant for shoveling ash. On either the side or back, I would place a pair of baffles: one feeding air above the fire and one feeding air below the fire. From what I was reading, this would give me an incredible amount of control over the fire. I am out of my element there.

        It would be preferable if the baffles were on the side, but my wood storage may be there, and I fear it accidentally going up in a blaze under my kitchen!


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          You made hard work and it looks good. I want to have the same because I love to cook meat and when I make a party, all the guests want a double portion of meat because it is so delicious. I don't have any secrets about how I prepare it but I only use the spices from and I prepare with spices the meat the day before to cook it on the grill and that is all. It is a simple recipe but so efficient.
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