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Italian barbecue grill

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  • Italian barbecue grill

    Well, now that we're done with our oven, we're thinking about building an open grill. We like "meat on a stick" - be it steak, lamb, Thai style satay....

    I recently obtained a catalog of barbecues produced by Palazzetti of Italy. Their basic functional design is similar from model to model (although the over-all looks and styling differ greatly) and are very interesting. They use a small chimneyed section with an elevated grate for producing coals, and a depressed area to place said coals into that allow air to pass through them to keep them invigorated. The grill can be placed at interval elevations above the coals and the grill is close enough to the coal-producing fire to utilize the radiant energy of the fire in the cooking process as well. They offer a motorized rotisserie accessory for that function too.

    I searched the internet for similar grills and found none. I did find a video of someone showing and explaining one of Palzzetti's grills (in Italian). Here's the link...

    YouTube - Palazzetti - Barbecue Faro

    I also came across one that appeared to be home made but of a similar functional concept. It appeared to be in Italy as well...

    YouTube - vicinanze del porcile 1

    Is anyone familiar with these types of grills? I would like very much to better understand them and perhaps build something similar.

    Ken Morgan
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    Re: Italian barbecue grill

    It's interesting: The italian grills that I've seen (in restaurants in italy) had the fire basket on the back of the grill, not the side, which I think would be more useful and effective. It's quite a good system. The firewood goes in the grate at the back, and burns to coals, where upon they are raked forward for grilling when needed. By adding more wood you can keep the fire going all night, and it's ready when orders come in.

    I like the grill height adjustment taking advantage of the slots between bricks: that's clever. You could of course cut slots in firebricks wherever you wanted them. I don't know the advantage of having the reserve fire on the side.

    I'm strictly a Weber guy when it comes to grilling, but I can see how this would be a more attractive addition to an outdoor kitchen.
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