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  • jtroy

    Can anyone tell me if they have a casa 80 or something similar and do you cure it the same way as the ovens you are all talking about? Our oven is just about installed but I think it is a pre fab compared to what you all are talking about! Do we need to fire it the same way as you say with 7 fires at different heat intervals? Crazy but there are no instructions on how to!!!

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    Welcome aboard. We specialize in helping folks install any precast oven, regardless of who made it, and we get lots of nice emails from people we've been able to help. Just remember to tell your friends to buy a Forno Bravo oven next time.

    Take a look around the forum, and download the Casa installation guide for any help you need.

    Yes, I would recommend a seven day curing, even for a precast oven. You are going to a lot of work to install your oven, and curing it slowly will help it last longer, cook better, and reduce the risk of anything going wrong. I think it's worth the effort.

    Enjoy your oven -- and send photos when you are done.
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      Thanks James,

      We are in the process of getting the oven installed by a professional mason/landscaper and what a beautiful job they are doing! I will post pictures when they are finished! It should be completed this weekend that is why I wondered how wego about using it! We are a little nervous! This is my husbands project as he also had them build in a gas grill and beer tap refridgerator with counter top....a guys dream kitchen I'm told! It was between this and a Harley.....I am personally glad he chose the oven!!