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castable keystone cure

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  • castable keystone cure

    Wondering if the castable keystone that I have used for the top of cook dome will need extra dry time before I stucco.

    Dome complete 2 days ago and now I am doing the entrance arch and vent work. I plan to insulate in about 5 more days and start curing. After a week of curing I will do the first coat of stucco.

    2 questions I have regarding this next stage.

    1.Is my castable plug keystone about 10" in diam and 4" in thickness going to need extra time to cure before stucco.........like more than the fire brick igloo and mortar cure.

    2.Would it be a good idea to leave a small hole in the stucco at the very top of dome for a few months just to let out any possible steam or extra dampness that may be in the oven as it cures and dry out during the start up of the use of the oven and then plug that small hole later on say a month or two down the road? I could even plug a half inch hole with a caulking or something down the road.

    Thanks for this Wayne
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    Re: castable keystone cure

    1. Castable only needs 24hrs to cure, but you do need to drive the water out slowly m'factureres recommend no more than 50C/Hr
    2. A hole in the top is a good idea and even better if you can make a permanent arrangement to help remove moisture after heavy rain. Someone on the forum has done this and reports good successs. I have a system around my flue/outside shell that does this job too. works well.
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