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So much rain.....

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  • So much rain.....

    We dont normally get too much rain in one period but this last 48 we have had a deluge, something like 100mm.
    I lit the oven as I knew it would be wet from the rain, I didnt want to cook but to just dry the oven.
    The oven even though covered has taken to smoking, a sure sign of a wet oven.
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    Re: So much rain.....

    ok, heres a conundrum....
    its been pouring rain, inevidably the ovens got wet (very wet), you've tried to cover the oven frantically to stop any excess water entering....but not working, it looks like a pool in your oven....
    What do you do???
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      Re: So much rain.....

      The best way IMO is to build a roof over the oven, but this is a lot of effort and expense (I haven't bothered ). Even if you have sealed it perfectly there is bound to be some moisture in it from rain getting in the mouth, around the flue(if it is not sealed properly) and just the refractory sucking up moisture from the 100%humidity. After lots of rain I find a fire or two, small but long, fires in the oven is enough to get it back to working fairly well again. If my oven has got wet the outside shell will be hot to touch, indicating that the insulation is moist.
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