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  • Brad English
    Re: new primavera 60

    I got my Primavera 60 a couple months ago now. Congrats! You're gonna love it!

    You can remove the styrofoam insert. It is there for packing.

    There are no brackets - just the bolts. I can see why you'd think a bracket to place it on would be more secure. I have to assume the bolts are designed to hold the weight. I installed mine and have had no issues.

    Post pics when you're set up.

    Here's a post with my new Primavera:
    Wood + Fire

    Post some pics!

    Here's a post when my oven arrived:
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  • rkocan
    started a topic new primavera 60

    new primavera 60

    just got my primavera 60 and had a few questions:
    -there is a disc of styrofoam under the oven which fell of as we lifted and moved it...I can believe this is intended to stay on /under oven permanently, but any thoughts as to why it was there?

    -the installation brochure says stand with legs and BRACKETS...I got no brackets just 8 bolts to attach metal frame at base of oven to stand. This seems somewhat flimsy to me given weight of oven.

    Please help if any other owners have encountered this...I will probably call FORNO BRAVO omn Monday