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Tropical wood in south-east Asia

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  • Tropical wood in south-east Asia

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently using a wood fired oven in south east asia, and I wonder what kind of tropical wood variety should I use for it.
    I have read a lot of negative comments on mango wood, because of its toxic smoke and sap. I also read about citrus which seems to be a good one (burns hot).
    Besides this I couldn't find any other information, do you have any tips for me?

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    Re: Tropical wood in south-east Asia

    I tell you what does burn well dry or damp. Palm fronds . They all contain a high percentage of oil. I have a coupla stands of golden cane. And the neighbors a variety of different palm trees. All constantly drop fronds so there always something to go into the oven.
    Now I don't say there the fuel of choice mind you. The smoke smell is pretty ordinary. Makes heaps of ash and no coals. And you have to feed them in one by one put to many in at once and the flames will be shooting out the chimney.
    But they do put heat into the oven which is what you want especially from something which would be wasted. After there burnt I get out the excess ash and finish of with some good hardwood.
    Bamboo burns as well makes great kindling. You must break open every cell though otherwise you can get some really fine explosions!
    Basically you can burn anything within reason to put heat in the oven and keep you "best wood" to finish off
    Regards dave
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