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First Bake!

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  • First Bake!

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    Re: First Bake!

    Congratulations Tim,

    Everything looks great. I like the corner oven and the arch/vent. Very nice. What do you think? Or more importantly, what does the family think?

    Our daughters will never forget the time we had the roof off the house in December, and had a huge storm. Water everywhere in their bedrooms. The kitchen was out, and we made scrambled eggs on a Weber.

    My guess is that your oven is taking more time to heat up more because of moisture in the oven chamber and insulation, than the small cracks. If you give her some time and more fires, she will heat up faster and hold high heat more efficiently.

    I like a big flame, and (as you say) the fire on one side, but it can be difficult to maintain a serious fire in an oven that still is damp.

    Keep the photos coming. Thanks!
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