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Cut some fuel at lunch today

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  • Cut some fuel at lunch today

    It was a nice day so I figured I'd start working my way through my piles of alder to stack up some more fuel. My WFO is still in the planning stages, but I figure I might as well lay in a supply of wood and have it nicely dried and stacked when the oven is finished.

    Smaller alders I'd just planned on running through the woodchipper

    No, I didn't make the large woodpiles behind the saw during lunch

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    Re: Cut some fuel at lunch today

    Great thinking there Paul,

    I am trying to get to 2 years ahead on seasoned wood. You wont regret saving the smaller branches. Even smaller branches than that (twigs), are great! for kindling .
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      Re: Cut some fuel at lunch today

      I live in sub tropics and of course have a very different climate.
      Sorry if this sounds silly but I've never been in ice and snow conditions.
      Question does leaving the wood out in the open in ice and snow help dehydrate it? It will certainly do that to poorly wrapped steak in my freezer!
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        Re: Cut some fuel at lunch today


        Fair enough question. I don't think leaving the wood on the ground will help dry it out, in fact I need to get it off the ground sooner than later as our snow is beginning to melt and the ground will be getting fairly damp. Left on the ground the wood will get waterlogged and begin to rot. But, I need to pick up some pallets for stacking the wood and was stretching my lunch hour to do the cutting I did What I'll do once we get the house finished is build a fairly large covered shed for the wood. I'm just not sure where the shed will be located and want to keep as much stuff out of the way of the construction crew as possible.

        What does help in the drying is our low humidity, and breezes Where the lot is located we'll face hurricane force winds every year and I've heard wind gusts have been measured over 200 kph It's a good thing WFO's are heavy