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Oak wood with a thick bark

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  • Oak wood with a thick bark

    Just received a load of seasoned oak split larger than usual (picture a wedge minimum size of 7x7x7 with really thick bark -an inch plus). Took a sharp hand axe to the wood - no luck, used a neighbor's moveable wedge (slides down a long steel pole to split wood), hardly made a dent and even harder to keep wood stable without tipping. Everytime I start a fire, lots and lots of smoke even with several firestarters and a good amount of kindling. Problem seems to be getting the bark side to burn clean Once it gets going, after several attempts, wood burns clean and hot.

    Have been using my oven for several months a few times a week and have not had this problem in past.

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    Re: Oak wood with a thick bark

    Try this: HDC Item Details #01571

    I use this guy to split some big hunks that would ordinarily smoke a great deal before it reaches a proper burning temperature. I use the bark that gets knocked off to start the fire. I am assisted by a 500,000 BTU propane torch.

    Good luck


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      Re: Oak wood with a thick bark

      This may be what is needed.

      Does it work on pre-split logs ( already large quarter rounds) or only full rounds.
      ? Amount of effort required - ease of use
      ? Adequate safety features
      ? Noise level



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        Re: Oak wood with a thick bark

        1. - Yes
        2. - Very easy
        3. - Yes
        4. - NONE... except the sweet sound of wood splitting.