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Cure before or after insulating

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  • Wilgartw
    started a topic Cure before or after insulating

    Cure before or after insulating

    Hello, first question so go easy on me.

    i have read through a lot of the posts, but I cannot see an answer.

    i have built a 30" Pompeii oven with heater bricks and home brew. I am now leaving it a week to dry. I am intending wrapping it with 2" of blanket, then 1" of vermiculite, then a waterproof render (I am in the UK).

    do I cure the oven before I put the insulation on so I can see any cracks? Before the vermiculite, before the render? Or do I do everything first?

  • UtahBeehiver
    I just approved your ability to post and start a new thread and deleted all duplicate post. This approval process is to prevent spamming of the blog.

    Lots of schools of thought but David S, one of our experienced members suggest that you insulate but "NOT" render before curing. His thought process is that this helps keep the temperature differential smaller from the inside of the dome to the outside of the dome minimizing potential stress and cracking. Once the curing is complete and the insulation is dry then you can render.

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