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Most Popular Firewood Types for Pizza Oven in Italy

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  • Most Popular Firewood Types for Pizza Oven in Italy

    Hello everybody,

    It's not important whether you cook pizza or any other food in your wood-fired oven. The result of cooking very much depends on temperature and on the way of heat transfer inside the oven. The choice of right firewood and the way of burning are crucial for any cooking style. So, use the best wood for your pizza oven only.

    Find the most popular species of woods used for pizza ovens in Italy in this post:

    Enyoj your reading!


    The most popular species of wood used as piza oven firewood in Italy. 7 tips for seasoning your firewood. 9 ways to chech the moisture content in firewood.

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    Very informative article. Thanks
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      Thanks. I'm delighted that you like it.


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        Great article!! thanks IggyW for sharing it.

        In my personal case, IĻm able to find only mesquite wood, and I have to season it myself due to the fact that the ones selling it donīt do it at all.

        Some people sell also oak, but so far I know, in my country it is illegal to buy oak as fire wood.

        Anyone has any experience with mesquite?


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          Well, each country has its species of wood. In my country, mesquite is quite an exotic tree and it's used as an ornamental plant, so I don't have any experience with it. But, on the link below I found that mesquite wood burns clean, with little sparks, hot fire, and long-lasting coals. It seems to be a good choice as a pizza oven firewood. You should try it.

          And, please don't risk the jail with burning the oak, if it's not allowed in your country.


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            Mesquite is just fine for the oven. However, it can be a little expensive, since it is valued as a smoking wood.

            Some people sell also oak, but so far I know, in my country it is illegal to buy oak as fire wood
            Is that because of the oak borer beatle? If so, it may be a law regulating the transport of the wood from an infected area. If if it is unlawful to buy, then it is unlawful to sell. Your local wood suppliers may be in compliance with the laws. If I was not sure, I would check in to it more closely. You may be missing out on an affordable wood supply.
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              Gulf , I live in northern Mexico, very close to the border with Texas, so mesquite is everywhere and thatīs why is super available, and because we have more a grilled meat and barbecue culture, the mesquite is the most usable.

              IĻm not really sure about the law regarding the oak, but I read some local news articles where the authorities were fining a restaurant because they found out they storage more than X amount of cubic meters of oak, which it said it is illegal.

              And about suppliers, it is difficult to find like an official store/warehouse/supplier for firewood, we find the wood in the small local businesses.


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                The first year that I used my oven, I had no seasoned wood, and needed at least a year to season my own fresh cut wood. I relied on "wind falls" to get me through that time. A dead limb of a tree will hang there drying until it falls from it's own weight or from a strong wind. I still use wnd falls for about 1/2 of my ovens fuel. As long as the small limbs have a little snap left in them, I burn them. For the initial heating, just about any dry wood will do as long as it has not been painted or treated. When the dome starts to clear you can then swap over to a more expensive wood ro cook a pizza.
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                  Nice article!
                  I use only olive wood because here in Greece we have plenty source of trees and i have lot of trees.
                  So the wood is free for me


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