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Smoke Not Going Up Chimney

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  • Smoke Not Going Up Chimney

    I have a question, regarding the smoke going in your face, but not trought the chimney. Me and my father build something similar to that, but ours is bigger with the same chimney size, smoke is activly going trought the front opening and not the chimney, my pops suggested that this is happening because the chimney cannot handle all the smoke and making bigger one(taller) will fix this issue. Does that sound reasonable?

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    As a rule of thumb tall chimneys draw better than short ones (assuming an appropriate diameter), and fat ones better than skinny ones. Other factors, like the size and dimension of the smoke chamber below the chimney come into play as well. The chimney has to be able to heat up to draw well. (we had an uninsulated, exterior, masonry fireplace that worked fine in warm weather but wouldn't draw for beans when it was very cold out until you managed to warm all that brick up a bit. -- I eventually put an exhaust fan on it.)

    If you're using stove pipe it's an easy experiment to add a couple feet.
    My build thread:


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      This may help...I am process of adding my chimney and doing research now to see what others have done....


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        A simple thing to try before doing any changes is to light your start up fire right underneath the chimney this will heat up the chimney (that will help to get it to draw) then push the fire into the centre of the oven and see what happens from there.