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curing in rain

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  • curing in rain

    Is it Okay to start the curing process while it is raining? Just received my oven and anxious to start using it. However, forcast is rain on and off for the next several days. Thanks in advance.

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    It was raining on and off over the time did the 1st fires in my oven and it seemed to turn out fine. My oven was finished with insulation and stucco over it and had 30+ days to cure....not sure I would fire a not fully cured dome only in the I guess the answer is "it depends".


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      thanks, I purchased a already assembled Primavera so I think i should be fine.


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        Hi RichV,

        Welcome to the forum. In the big picture, curing (drying) the oven is a relatively short process. Doing this in the rain should help us think about the long term use of the oven. I use mine a lot. Some of the time it is out of necessity. Living in the piney woods, near the gulf coast, electrical outages are frequent occurrences. Aside from that, we get a lot of rain. In the summer, scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers can put dampener on a lot of plans. A roof over the oven extends the number of days per year that the oven can be used. If you are not interested in going to the trouble of putting a roof over the oven, atleast think about a a tarp or fitted cover for the oven when it is not in use. That will help protect your oven from the elements .
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