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Black stains on the oven floor

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  • Black stains on the oven floor

    I just used my wood fired oven for the first time to cook. I was using it for 5-6 hours. I heated it few times for a while days before using it to cook, so I had no problem whit intense heat.
    When I cleaned it the day after I spotted few black stains on the floor and tried to remove them unsuccessfully. When using a mixture of dish soap and an abrasive detergent it's more likely to whiten the floor then removing the stains.
    I only cooked something in a terracotta pan, so no oils or stuff like that was on the floor, only wood. So what could be the reason of that and how I remove the stains?
    I attach a picture of the oven floor.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Hi Arcet,

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know how dry your wood is but sap could be oozing out of the wood and the floor was not hot enough to burn it off. Skip the detergents. Don't put anything in your oven other than wood, cooking utinsels, and food. Food and wood stains will burn off of the floor when the oven is again heated to dome clearing temps. Spread the coals out over the floor, partially close the oven door and allow the oven temperatures to equalize. The floor should be clean again unless the detergents have left a stain.
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      (i will be following this topic thread for sure, .. as I have the same issue. These black stains have got to be from the sap or the occasional pizza that had got wrecked during the cooking process and the oils got into the fire brick. I am no too worried about this at all as it is a cosmetic issue at this point, I would think. In time i believe they will burn away to nothings-vile after a few intense firings. I hesitate to use a plain wire /kitchen sink scouring pad to remove these stains. I am going to hold off until I see another posting from you, Archet)