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Render curing and firing up the oven

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  • Render curing and firing up the oven

    Greetings from Western Australia. I took on building an oven without realising just how complicated it is. Nevertheless I’m nearing the end and could do with some advice on rendering, curing and sealing to make sure I get it right. So far my process was:
    Weld frame
    Make reinforced concrete slab on frame
    Lay ceramic insulation board
    Lay fire bricks
    lift really heavy pre casted dome on top (massive shortcut I know)
    Build arch with fire bricks and refractory cement (3 days ago)
    Apply insulation mat (two layers) and chicken wire
    Apply cement render approx 20mm in the thinnest spots (1 day ago)

    And that brings us to now. The place that I purchased the cast from suggested that I could add Bondcrete to the next coat of render wait a week and then start to cure the oven. This product may have a different name in other countries but is essentially a sealing agent. And now for the questions:
    I have very limited experience with cement and rendering but would it make sense to cure the oven before applying any sealing coats? Google has showed some cases of render flaking off when curing after sealing.
    If so how long should I wait after applying the cement based render and archway before lighting the oven? some googled info says a week, others say a day.
    After curing am I best to seal the oven with a render (If so what type) or a concrete sealer paint on product like the Bondcrete?
    Could I use a high temperature enamel paint over the top too to aid in the sealing/aesthetics?
    Thanks for any advice that anyone can offer.