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Oven damage

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  • Oven damage

    Hi all,
    • My oven is a precast oven. After running several curing fires I have noticed some changes to my oven internally. It looks like it has sunk in at the back of the dome.
    • My first firing was 100c, 2nd 200c, 3rd 300 although on this firing it did go over a bit and I noticed some steam so I baked off on the next firing to around 200c then did a few more firing days at around 300c .
    • I haven't had chance to fire it for 2 days and when I've looked inside it looked a little uneven at the back. I reached in and it feels as though it has sunk in around a 3 inch square. Not deeply, maybe a few millimetres.
    • Have I damaged it by firing it to hard?
    • How do I go from here with the curing process?
    • Thanks in advance