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Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

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  • Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

    I have several lengths of what I'm told is 'teak' decking, it might be iroko, and I am wondering if it would be suitable to use as fuel for the fire?

    It has a very dense feel and appearance to it, so I imagine it would burn for a long time, but that may not be what I want.

    Here are two photographs of a small sample I just cut:

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    Re: Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

    Hi Puy de Dome

    I'd use it. Even if you were a little doubtful, burn it early in the oven heating process and a wood that you know or prefer to use when cooking or smoking.
    If the wood has no lacquers or polishes on them, they should be fine.
    Split them up and give them a try before you cook in the oven. You will probably find as I did that a timber I had for kindling - western red cedar,- was so good that when I ran out i really missed it.
    Anyway, happy cooking.

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      Re: Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

      Thanks Neill,

      I'm just about to start my curing fires.

      I think I'll chop this wood up into thinner pieces, or at least some of it.



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        Re: Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

        If it's teak - I'd try to find another use for it - like build an outdoor table beside your oven.... I'll be making some Teak or Ipe benches for my outdoor kitchen soon.

        Also - don't use your favorite saw blade to cut it - Teak is tough on sawblades and tools in general.

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          Re: Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

          I'd second Christo's idea of using if for something else, like a table if you have that much or if not a cutting board for sliding the pizza on straight from the oven. I built some benches with Ipe and the saw dust is very irritating, one should be aware that alot of people are very sensitive to many of the tropical hardwoods, especially the fine dust from sanding. I have a neighbor who ended up in the emergency room from cutting a wood that was in the mahogany family. He swelled up like he had been rolling in poison oak! And he is a cabinet maker artist by profession. I would suggest always using a dust mask when cutting any tropical hardwood.

          If it's decking it's unlikely that it is teak, nice teak. Burmese brown goes for over $15 usd a board ft (if you can find it) and the more common golden teak is over $12. Ipe locally sells for around $6 a board ft. I live in an area where wooden boats are still built and repaired and the more exotic woods are available. Could be Iroko which is sort of a teak look alike and usually comes with warnings about the dust.



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            Re: Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

            Teak was normally treated with oil when used in this way. Build something dont cook with it.
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              Re: Is this teak wood suitable for firing?

              Heck, Teak comes with it's own oil. I'll swap you out all the hot burning hickory or black locust or oak that you want.

              Teak for burning, yikes.