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Gold Highlights in my Hair

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  • Gold Highlights in my Hair

    Did a dumb a*s thing tonight. Fired the pizza oven using a "pear burner" aka propane torch. The fireplace lighter was taking longer than usual to "strike" and a little too much gas had built up and "BOOM". Bout messed in my britches. All I remember was white flame shooting out. "Patted" are my hair and beard and nothing was on fire. When I went inside my wife said she smelled something like singed hair. Told her what happened. She took me to the bathroom under some bright lighting and the gray hairs on the front of my head and in my beard are golden. I guess gray hair turns to gold colored when it's singed. Was lucky and learned a lesson. Be careful out there.

    The pizza was the best we've made.....

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    Re: Gold Highlights in my Hair

    Everytime I use my propane weed burner to start my fire - I have this image in my head of the same thing.

    I think having this image replay each times makes sure I'm careful to light it outside and keep it set low. I had a freind who got burned by a propane leak - pretty serious stuff.

    I get a similar image (but different) each time I pull out one of my saws....

    I'm also leery of putting too much gas in there at one time.

    Glad you are ok!!!

    My oven progress -