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Avocado firewood?

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  • Avocado firewood?

    I have been offered a bunch of seasoned avocado firewood. I was wondering if anyone has used it, does it burn hot? Any info appreciated.


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    Re: Avocado firewood?

    I googled it - 20.8 BTU's. They say it burns hot but has no scent. Probably wouldn't do much for flavor. Wouldn't hurt to use it to get the oven up to temp.

    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: Avocado firewood?

      As always, thanks Les. Free firewood is hard to pass up.


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        Re: Avocado firewood?

        In my opinion, I think too much is made of the BTU value of the various woods. I've fired to full temp using ironwood, hornbeam, pine, maple, oak, and willow... these pretty much span the BTU range of the charts. Well I haven't done stop-watch quality analysis, it doesn't seem that there's that big of a difference between any of them once the wood is fully cured. I would say the difference between the oak (my most common wood) and willow is about half a beer bottle ...which translates to about five minutes or so
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          Re: Avocado firewood?

          Talking of free firewood, it always is offered when you least need it.
          Close neighbours had trees cut down in the past 2 weeks and probably 20 tons of wood cut into 12" blocks up for grabs, but I don't have the room, don't need it for 2 years and couldn't pick it up due to operation last week.
          I have included a picture of my larger stack along the back of the house and have another around 1/4 the size up in the vegy garden, very dry and matured olive wood collected 10 years ago for wood turning.
          A mate of mine developed a raport with a tree feller who phoned him when he had some wood ready for collection and he had 2 days to collect it for free. Only trouble, he collected huge quantities which he then had to share abd season before use in his slow combustion heater, but a great source!
          Now, with the price of wood, the tree fellers collect and sell it.

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