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Oven Curing

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  • Originally posted by Gulf View Post

    Actually, they have. We called their hand on that back in 2015. Here is the full discussion in the thread: Has anyone used charcoal in their WFO?

    It all boiled down to the misuse of terms. "Charcoal" for "Coal". Two very different materials by definition. However, "Lump" Charcoal, Would have always fit the "purist's" intentions of the forum.

    A full read of the linked discussion will explain.

    Thanks for reminding me about that, it was 7 years ago, my apologies. So go the briquette route for eliminating the moisture, at the same time as reducing flame impingement.
    If the oven gets wet again it is not necessary to go right back to the original firing schedule. A couple of long slow fires should be sufficient. The weep holes in the supporting slab through to the underfloor insulation also do a great job of allowing moisture to escape.
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