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what is the good kind of wood

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    Is White Birch Tree a good choice of wood

    Taking down a few trees in yard and would season iof this is a good wood choice.


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      White birch qualifies as a semi-hardwood if it's of the ornamental variety. It's straight grained and easy to split for the larger pieces (wedges & sledge). However, the bark is quite resinous. I'd certainly use it, but be sure to season it well and strip off the outer bark once it's dry and before using for fuel to prevent black oily smoke and creosote (though this will probably burn off). The oily smoke from the bark won't do you pizzas any good. To remove the bark, score it deeply around the circumference about every foot, then peel it off. If you go camping, tightly roll up the bark: makes great fire starters. Or maybe build a canoe?

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        Ash wood wet and ash wood dry

        Jim, James and all:
        I have to tell you that we used walnut in caskets and the caskets
        rivaled the expense of the mahagany.
        We have some mahagany here and I may use some scraps of it.
        I once red a poes about wood,
        I only remember the last line or so, but it talked about different
        types of wood. It ended up with:
        Ash wood wet or ash wood dry,
        a king can warm his slippers by.

        I understand that besides making great baseball bats,
        as wood burns about as good as any other.



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          Re: what is the good kind of wood

          I make guitars. I have plenty of alder, maple scrap.
          Since the Alder is purchased as lumber do you think it is treated in a way that could harm the cook? If I could used this alder I would be home free!