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Heat management for NY pizza style or lower heat pizza

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  • Heat management for NY pizza style or lower heat pizza

    Hi all.

    I built myself a Pompeii Pizza oven that can produce some serious Neapolitan pizzas in 90 seconds, 800F, leopard spotting, etc... happy camper

    But here is the dilemma I have:

    What I understood from the other posts is that after heating the oven to let's say a floor at 750-800F, I need a side flame/fire going to keep heating the floor and so to be able to achieve awesome Neapolitan pizzas in 90 seconds (perfectly cooked bottom and top of pizza). There's a nice cycle going on for Neapolitan pizza, keeps going for hours and produces, dozens of pizzas...

    The problem arises when I want lower-heat pizza such as NY pizza style (450-500F). The floor doesn't get that re-heating because I don't have/want lots of flames like in Neapolitan pizza so not to burn the top of the pizza. The result I get is a undercooked bottom and a overcooked top.

    Basically: too hot dome VS not hot base. If I try to fire logs on the side (to reheat the bottom), the dome gets even hotter VS the heat for the bottom.

    I have tried reheating the bottom by spreading all the hot coals... but it's time consuming and not very efficient because, heat is lost after 1-2 or 3 pizzas.

    ?? what to do? thanks

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    I'm new to this but wonder if it makes a difference on what wood you are using. I believe different wood burns at different temperatures and time. So maybe a slower burning wood might be more suitable.
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      Try to use a bake-steel 1/4 - 1/8" thick to cook the pizzas on.