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    Thanks to all on your comments and suggestions, I need to do some scalp scratching to see how can I make the best of what I have. Will be back with new pics.


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      Originally posted by UtahBeehiver View Post
      We need more info on the oven, floor and dome insulation, what is dome made of? Has the oven been cured, Details on construction, etc.
      Uthabeehiver, I saw your oven what a beauty, congrats.

      If I where to undo my floor probably not all the way, but 2 inches from dome all around. I could then remove glass leaving a 2.5 inch gap, could I fill it in with peralite and repave with the previous firebrick then cover with thin layer of refractory cement. Would you think this could work or would that base mass be too thin and not worth it. Thanks for your input.