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    I am in the process of starting to build a mobile brick oven pizza truck. I am still not sure what oven I want to go with. I don't want to go to big prob cook 2-3 pizzas at a time. I also think I would like to add the option of propane. Any insight would be helpful. Thank You.

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    Most mobile ovens are cast ovens as folk have found brick oven rattle to bits from road vibrations. Some manufacturers offer either multi section domes or a one piece dome for mobiles. Take your pick, the single cast domes tend to get a crack developing, usually the back opposite the oven mouth, but the casting remains in one piece. Multi sectioned castings are likely to develop cracks where the sections are joined. I've tried making both and am undecided which is preferable. Whatever you build, make sure you match the trailer springing to the load weight and fit shocks to the springs. If building into a bus as your signature pic suggests, this should already be accounted for. Do plenty of research before proceeding.
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      I moved your post to the Commercial Pizza Ovens section.There are several threads similar to yours located there. Scroll through them. You may find exactly the info that you are looking for. Also, our hosts, Forno Bravo may be able to help you with a turnkey solution.
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        Here is one I built several years ago, still running good !
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        My 52 inch mobile;

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