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Subfloor Compressive Strength

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  • Subfloor Compressive Strength

    Hi all, new member here.
    I am building a brick oven with a 950mm (37.4") id. I'm basing it on the design of the D95 from the Melbourne Firebrick Co. I'd like to use Foamglass insulation under the floor in place of the CalSil board in the original design (it's pretty wet here in Ireland), but I can't find any info about the compressive strength of the CalSil board, so that I can exchange like for like. Foamglass comes in a variety of compressive strengths and finishes, I'll be avoiding the bitumen finish. Can anyone please advise what compressive strength is required for this application (the brick walls will be bearing on the foam glass)?

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    If I were selecting foam glass I'd not go less than 0.7mpa (100psi) compressive strength.
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