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    In practice, my 21" oven will take one large baking dish for a roast.This is
    OK for a family. If we are doing a roast for more guests then I cook the meat in the WFO and the vegetables in the kitchen oven. For bread I usually only cook two loaves at a time, but have done 24 rolls in one go. For pizza I usually cook one at a time, maintaining a fire on the side. Like most people find, it is the prep that takes longer so one at a time works well. If doing a large party (40+) there is an advantage to doing multiple pizzas. I did a party of 80 once and removed all the coals and cooked three 9" pizzas at once, we did 70 pizzas that night, but had to recharge the oven a couple of times. I prefer to encourage guests to share whatever comes out of the oven rather than have people wait ages for "their" pizza. This works much better and you can always do half a pizza of a different variety.A small oven is great, but you need to be a bit more clever in its management which comes with practice.
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