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Making a new grill and oven! need lots of help!

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  • Making a new grill and oven! need lots of help!

    Hey folks, im 29, and living in my parents house!

    haha, kinda, they dont live here, this is an old house down in argentina they had, and anyways, im here now, fixing it. They continue to live in DC, and come to visit often since I moved back here.

    They have this grill area in the backyard, and its really the only part of the house that is structurally not ok so we are tearing it down and redoing it, with the help of an array of stonemasons, tile people and whatever.

    I have a 60x60cm area where a brick oven can go, all the way to the right of the grill. from my reading, i gather that the top height should be around 45cm, and the door height, 63% of that, so around 25cm, plenty for pizza, bread, etc.

    I also have this collapsable wire rack that might go great inside of it, not sure if it will end up in there or not, id really like to be able to take it out and put it in.

    Anyways, here are the pics, hope they explain a good amount.

    I have the bricks, fire bricks, tiles, trim, cement, fireproof mortar... just not sure if i know what im doing!

    Another issue is that the grill when used, fills up this area (arched car port roof in brick) with smoke, and im hoping the new grill/oven doesnt do the same.

    Any tips are welcome, the workers start bright and early, 8am tomorrow (23/mar/13).