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Confused on forno bravo's pompeii plans 35.5" or 36"?

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  • Confused on forno bravo's pompeii plans 35.5" or 36"?

    While reading the plans, the image shows a 35.5" dimenson. Do most people make their cooking floor 35.5" interior and just call it a 36"?

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    The plans are dated. You can make it any diameter you want. So as even number works just as well as a fractional number. Some of our metric cousins use 1 meter.
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      Like Russell says, you can make your oven any diameter you want. Just need to make sure it will fit on your slab, and that you keep the height of the door at about 63% of the height of the oven.
      I wanted to build a 39 inch oven, so took the recommended dimensions for a 36" and 42" from the FB plans and interpolated what a 39" should be. The door to dome ratio actually came out closer to the recommended 63% than the larger or smaller oven from the plans.

      Opening Opening Ratio
      ID Height Width Height
      36" 36 18 19 12 66.67%
      39" 39 19.5 19.5 12.25 62.82%
      42" 42 21 20 12.5 59.52%
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