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Best Uses for Space Below Wood Fired Oven

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  • Best Uses for Space Below Wood Fired Oven

    Originally I thought that I would use the space below (5Wx5Dx2.5H) the wood fired oven that I building for wood storage. After building the base and starting to assemble the oven Im having second thoughts. Im picturing the wood in the back never getting rotated out, water getting in the space and a haven for rodents/spiders/bugs. What would be some other good used for this space?

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    I expect that raccoons will take up residence in mine. I hope a bear doesn't decide to den in it.

    You'll want someplace to keep wood dry, I plan to stack it at the front and leave the back empty. My kids are too big to camp in it now.
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      Gulf, aka as Joe built a pull out drawer for tools and supplies.
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        Probably to late based on your pictures, but I segmented mine with an "H" of cinder blocks to make other storage compartments .

        Adding a photo isn't working, so here's a link to my post with pictures that kinda show what I did.

        Edit: I really like Joe's pull out drawer, and need to figure out if and how I could do something similar.
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          I had metal carts fabricated at our local community college (welding program) that slide into my corner build's base. I use one for wood storage below with the top for cooling/cutting and the other for prep on top and glasses/plates/bowl storage below. Here's a link to my post on the carts

          You could have a cart with shelves built-in that would slide out and to the side to give you some options. Also nice to be able to slide things under the oven when the weather turns wet and ugly.
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            [QUOTE=SableSprings;n405948]I had metal carts fabricated at our local community college (welding program) that slide into my corner build's base./QUOTE]

            I was thinking to do the same thing. Use straight wheels, no casters. That way it would roll right in and out with no fuss. Could use it for firewood or an ash catcher. For design, I was thinking to make it look like a miniature ore cart, with flat bar around the top edge riveted on using some sickle bar rivets that I've got laying around here.

            I learned to weld and forge at that same community college about 47 years ago. Been pretty handy so far. Made an 8" turning peel yesterday from a garden rake, and cut out a stainless disk from a range hood. Heated the garden rake arms and formed them around the disk, tacking them as I go. Looks pretty good. I'll get to try it out in a couple of days.


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              We moved to our village house and I'm when we started the construction of the barbecue we meet with the same problem. But we find the solution on a trip to Europe. They make a metal door with some forging elements for such an empty space that closes on the latch. You must always remember that it heats up while preparing foods, so not to scald. But, it looks very good and is really convenient in use. Frankly speaking, we use it often, especially now when the weather is good and we can't leave our houses. So, I also thought to improve our outside kitchen corner and order a kitchenaid pastamaker. We love Italian foods and it would be the perfect finishing for our gastronomic trips.
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