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Baxopol.. Anyone heard of it or used it?

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  • Baxopol.. Anyone heard of it or used it?

    Hi all..
    I recently purchased some fire bricks from a guy on Facebook marketplace for 1 each . He also gave me as a freeby five big tubs of Baxopol, he said it was a mortar they use in furnaces and kilns. I've just laid 4 bricks of my first course to see how it handles and what it will be like tomorrow...

    It's very sticky and pretty thin for a mortar, it skins over quickly - almost like a grab adhesive (no nails or similar) I'm not sure it'll be any good for gap filling due it's consistency. I'm thinking it may only be used for thin joints.
    The only thing I can find on the Internet about it is a temperature (1500c) and that's it.

    Has anyone used it or know anything about?