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Options for oven floor insulation and construction

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  • Options for oven floor insulation and construction

    I am still at the planning stage though I have about 50% of my bricks cut before our Irish wet season started.

    I intend covering my hearth with polished granite as an impervious layer on which my underfloor insulation will sit. As the granite comes in 1m square tiles I’ll place weep holes to permit drainage.

    I would like some advice regarding insulation under the oven floor. From various pictures I see two options.
    1. The insulation it trimmed to match the shape and size of the oven ie circular.
    2. The insulation and oven floor are rectangular and much wider than the finished dimensions of the oven.
    Option 1 uses less insulation, my preference since insulation here is difficult to get and expensive. However, this involves more floor brick cutting to match the shape. I assume any oven or oven floor expansion compresses the insulation blanket around the inner oven wall.

    Option 2, If I use this method do I need to have something around the outer layer of floor bricks to keep the oven floor from moving. Would cementing the outer row of bricks to the granite keep it stable or would this inhibit floor expansion. Do I need to allow for floor expansion?

    Any suggestions as always welcome.

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    What size is your base and what size is your oven?

    Wont it be a bit wasteful and expensive laying polished granite under the dome?

    I always cut my ceramic board 5” bigger than the dome so the the bricks dont rest right on the edge of the board!

    Have you considered laying the granite at the same level as the oven landing, wont your suggested method see the granite around 7” lower than the oven floor surface?
    If you put the granite down first then 4” of insulation then 3” of brick .