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Has anyone tried taking a cast oven apart to move it

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  • Has anyone tried taking a cast oven apart to move it

    Around 2017/2018 I built me a 36" domed oven out of castable refractory. similar to the Forno Brazo in four interlocking sections. I insulated it with four layers of 1" 8# fiber matt on the side for a total of four inches and five layers over the top 1/2 of the dome. That was covered with metal lathe and anchored to the raised island on the concrete slab the insulation under the floor and floor section sit on.
    My grand daughter is wanting one now and I've always wished I had made mine 42 inches. So I was thinking if I just cut up a couple of inches around the bottom to remove the concrete screws holding the the lathe to the island and remove the stucco around the chimney I might could just (with help) lift the whole dome off the castable in one piece. If I can do that, it's just a matter of disassembling the sections after that, put them back together at her house and sit the whole stucco dome back on it and make repairs where I cut it. It would not be noticed because I have an band of ceramic tile around it that would be moved and putting new back would cover the cut.
    The slab on top of the box under it is already six foot square so it would them just be a matter of casting my sections for a 42" oven
    I could move the 36" oven to my grand daughters and build me the 42" on my current base.
    It sits on a well build steel base and there is a ton of 5/8 rebar all through it so there is no danger of the 42" being to heavy for the base, and the base sits on a 6" slab with
    rebar in it.
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      That sounds hard, but it could work.
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        Definitely not something I'm looking forward to, but if that stucco dome will come off and keep the insulation in it, I think it will save a lot of work, but that is one giant size IF. I've got to convince myself I want a 42" bad enough to having to possibly building two to get it. It took me almost a month of building forms and casting that 36". Then if I try to move the 36" and that dome does not stay together, I will have two to stucco. That's a lot of work for an old fart like me. That's why I was wondering if someone else ever had balls enough to try it and how they came out.
        If I just build her a 36" like mine, I've got the forms I made for mine so it's just a matter of casting it.
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