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Steel cast oven?

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  • Steel cast oven?

    Hey everyone, my first post here but just want to say how much I appreciate this forum. I’ve done a lot of searching and reading. I’m sure there is some things I have overlooked but wanted to get some insight into what I think will be a pretty unique oven build. Before I get into the details I thought I would share a bit about some important things guiding this build:

    1. Spend as little money as possible. Family of 5 = very little money for me for fun projects like this.

    2. Do the best build that I can with the materials I have unless cost says otherwise. Ie a whole cast build is cheaper than this.

    3. Make the best pizza I can with what I have. I enjoy NY style and neapolitan and would like to do both in this oven.

    4. I am not in my forever home and see a move on my horizon so a stationary build, though preferable, is not an option for me.

    Now… on to my idea. I have attached some pictures of pieces of an 300 gallon oil tank that I removed from my house and is now in pieces. I was sitting and looking at it and thought the form looked pretty much the same as those fancy 2000 dollar stainless ovens. The tank is made from steel, and from my research, would not do well and deteriorate quickly if directly exposed to the flame. Because of this, I am wondering how it would work to use this as a shell. As far as what would be exposed to the direct flame on the dome, I was thinking to do a 2 inch homebrew cast. I know these expand and contract some so was thinking of doing a 1 inch layer of rock wool between the metal and cast.

    the floor I am still deciding on. i found a place locally where I can source fire brick for an affordable 2.50 a brick. If I just welded a piece of sheet metal to the bottom of this from my scrap pile and put fire brick on it do you think that would be sufficient or should it perhaps have some insulation? Perhaps a 2 inch layer perlite on top of the steel then the fire brick? I’m thinking this will be light enough to sit on some sort of homemade table hopefully made from wood? That brings questions of how hot the bottom may get as well because I don’t want a fire hazard.

    I’ve been trying to find diagrams and videos of how these stainless ovens are designed on the bottom and most just seem to be baking stones sitting on or almost on the stainless bottom?

    Im also thinking I would weld a front on as well to help with heat retention and cover that with insulation and home brew as well. Am I way off here? What are your alls thoughts?

    with what I have and ordering supplies I think I’m in about 300 bucks which would make this a fun project that wouldn’t break the bank but not quite cheap enough for me to try and just “see how it goes”

    looking forward to hearing your alls wisdom

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