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Pizza oven stand, London UK

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  • Pizza oven stand, London UK

    Hi there,

    Planning a build in my back garden in London and my dad, who built a great oven to plans from a Turkish friend, suggested the following as a stand (although he didn't use it himself): a 120cm squared E-shaped brick stand (double width) with four 60x60 heavy duty paving slabs set on top, then a three-deep brick wall around the edge of this, into which I will set vermicrete and top with fire bricks. Do people think this will work? Would value your feedback.



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    Re: Pizza oven stand, London UK

    I think if your base is 120x120 cm that by the time you take out the width of the bricks your vermiculite area will be too small to get your dome on.

    My vermiculite area is probably 150x150cm inside my walls and that's only just enough to get my 39" dome and arch on without a landing.


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      Re: Pizza oven stand, London UK

      If you feel that the stand needs more support under those slabs by use angle iron cut into the block. Particularly over the open bit in your E. Its good to hear you insulating under you oven. What size shape oven are you building?
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        Re: Pizza oven stand, London UK

        Thanks for the feedback guys. It's actually only a very small pizza oven I have planned - 26" internal, so 35" external. Which should fit on the vermicrete with a vent landing that goes onto the brick. Small London garden so don't want an oven that takes it over.


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          Re: Pizza oven stand, London UK

          Thermolite aerated concrete blocks can be a useful alternative to vermicrete for under hearth insulation. Easier to lay, and faster. 100mm+ in thickness, and lay them on their sides on a mortar bed, over your slabs. Make sure the slabs are the 2" thick vibrated concrete versions, like the "council" type. Quite a few UK WFO have used this method. I used a hybrid combo of Vermiculite Kiln Insulation Bricks i found off of Freecycle with the Thermolites. Good luck!