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Pompeii oven with 1/3 fire bricks - structural issues?

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    Re: Pompeii oven with 1/3 fire bricks - structural issues?


    Steve and Dave are right on. Most of us are DYI and like many, I never laid a brick until I started this project. That said, my build was love of labor, labor, labor........ but in you can say you built it yourself. A pretty oven does not cook and better than it's step sister. Like Dave said, if you want inspiration, look at Bruce's build.
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      Re: Pompeii oven with 1/3 fire bricks - structural issues?

      Originally posted by dariusk View Post
      Thanks for all the replies, very appreciated and has help with this part of the decision making process.
      I don't think I'll go down the geodesic dome pathway at this point in time... Interesting read though.
      Well, while it's sounding like it's unlikely there would be major concerns with a 1/3 brick dome, I've decided to go with the proven standard half bricks and increasing the internal size slightly to 32" (800mm). Considering my lack of experience with brickwork, concrete and everything else for that matter, I thought the conservative approach would be a better bet.
      Lots of reading and planning to do still and lots more questions coming too!

      Thanks again
      Good move , Darius.
      You'll sleep better by following "convention" and if you are happy to just fill the joints as they get increasingly wider as the dome goes up, you'll cut less brick. Two cuts on 1/3 bricks will only get you 3 bricks to lay, where as two cuts will get you four bricks if you are using half brick.
      800 mm is a good size. So far I've built a 750mm, an 850 and a 900.
      750 is a little small, 900 is pretty big.


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        Re: Pompeii oven with 1/3 fire bricks - structural issues?

        Im liking the idea of a thinner dome
        Im considering putting the oven on my balcony now(its where we spend all our time and has the views and table and soon to grow grape vine covered roof)
        So weight is the problem
        Less wood burnt is good too
        Shorter heat up time
        Less reinforcement of under floor.
        Put it on hebel structure to save weight too
        Make it a smaller dome.(big enough for my favourite pans)


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          Re: Pompeii oven with 1/3 fire bricks - structural issues?

          Thanks for the encouragement guys. It's a huge motivator to know there is a place to come and ask questions. It makes the prospect of the challenges to come a lot less intimidating. I may set a new record though for asking questions about the bleeding obvious!
          This build has been on the cards for close to 10 years now, so no shortage of motivation here. Time is hard to come by, but the plan is to just start and let it take as long as it takes. The hope is for months rather than years though...

          Thanks for the link to Bruce's build Dave, I'll have a look through it.

          I like the look of your oven Steve, you did a great job! I'm interested in your front arch / flue design. It looks simple but completely effective, which is what I'm after in my build I think. I was looking for top down photo without the chimney to get a better idea how you did. I may ask about this later..!

          Wotavidone, I'm feeling very comfortable about the decision to slightly upsize and go with half bricks. While I don't generally mind going a little against the grain, I'm planning on living in this house for at least 20 years or so and it's possible this will be the only oven I build/have.. As this all new to me, I thought too much experimentation may not be a good idea.

          I'll start a new build thread soon and keep all my questions and progress together as well

          Thanks again everyone, very much appreciated