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Supplies in Melbourne, OZ.

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  • Supplies in Melbourne, OZ.

    G'day folks. Just a quick query. I hope this is the correct forum to post it in, but does anyone out there know the best place to source fire bricks mortar super isol and other building materials in or close to Melbourne Australia. I know of Consolidated Refractries and Darley REfractories. I am just wondering if anyone has used either of these or knows of anywhere else. Any input would be great thanks guys.

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    Re: Supplies in Melbourne, OZ.

    keep your eyes on ebay as there are often batches of firebricks in Melbourne at very reasonable prices, usually around $1 each.
    You might also like to check out - Ceramic Fiber and Insulating Firebrick.

    and their Melbourne contact details are:
    Unit 3-4, 111-113 William Angliss Drive
    Laverton North VIC, 3026 Melbourne Australia
    Tel: +61 (3) 9360 0355
    Fax: +61 (3) 9360 0807
    A really great company to deal with.
    Vermiculite is also available from Exfoliators P/L at:

    Exfoliators™ - Leaders in Perlite, Vermiculite, Filteraid and Passive Fire Protection products!

    This should get you all you need at the best prices for your build.

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      Re: Supplies in Melbourne, OZ.

      Excellent, thanks for the info, I now have places to shop around at!


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        Re: Supplies in Melbourne, OZ.

        Just digging around again, did you end up getting your fire bricks? If not, wecan supply from our Mulgrave store at wholesale prices. 03 95604477